Oh would you look at that

It appears to be another cup off coffee.

This can only end one way:


Seriously, there is absolutely no reason why Mulan, Aurora and Phillip can’t all be together.

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eatencrow said: hahah ja zawsze wyłączam tumblra jak już leci odc w Kanadzie. Teraz nie będzie takiego problemu, bo zmienili godzinę nadawania T.T

ale chyba zmienili to tylko na premierę? zazwyczaj tak robią z premierą i finałem.

hauntedangelwolf said: You’re welcome!! So far I’ve really only seen media people talking about it, except one person from storybrookemirror got one too.

yeah that makes sense. i suppose no one even got the screener yet? but then the entire press will spoil most of it anyway, like they did with New York City Serenade.


Taylor Liked on 9/19/14

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hauntedangelwolf said: It’s by invitation only.

oh. cool. thank you!

eatencrow said: mam to samo. Z jednej strony spoilery są fajne (sneak peaki, zdj promocyjne itp.), ale jak ktoś zobaczy już cały epizod i będzie spoilerować to tak słabo jakoś…

Ugh, wiem właśnie. Zawsze się wkurzam, kiedy Kanada już ogląda i spoileruje godzinę przed całą resztą. A co dopiero tydzień przed!

What’s the deal woth this random OUaT premiere date?

Is it available for everyone who wants to come by or just for special vip/media people?

Not that I could go ‘cause I live in Narnia, I’m just very confused O.o

Favourite Character Meme

4 Relationships

[4/4] Gunnar and Avery

I thought hey maybe you could use a little dude advice, you know have some bro time!


Our bbys are such cuties!

Just rip my heart out, why won’t you?

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the truth will set you free

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once upon a time meme
(6/10) characters » ruby lucas/red riding hood

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#this is the best post anyone’s ever made#you guys can stop trying now

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Rose Leslie plays Throne, Bone or Slay (x)

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You really are the f a i r e s t of them all, aren’t you?

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