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Something Extraordinary


Summary: Emma is a contestant on MasterChef. Killian is the celebrity chef who comes in to mentor for a week. It turns out they have far more in common than they ever expected.

A/N: Possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever written? Haha


If she was being completely honest, Emma entered MasterChef for the express purpose of pissing off Neal. 

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    lol i can’t wait to see will scarlet and robin hood meet in storybrooke again

    will be like, “i’m a freaking king”

    robin be like, “my dead wife is back help”

      Anonymous asked "being alone is a scary thing to worry about, but i think being on your own is different than being ALONE so even though i very much doubt someone amazing as you WILL be ALONE, you will never be on your own, friends, family and even yourself, so best of luck but i think you will have wonderful relationships no matter what xx"

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          For our own good pleasure obviously

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              MAKE ME CHOOSE

              Anonymous asked: Belle or Ruby?

                I really don’t want Kilian’s costume change to be spoiled but I guess it’s inevitable.

                And I can’t resist spoilers anyway.


                  Colin I-want-a-wardrobe-change-for-Hook-and-I-want-it-now O’Donoghue.

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                      marymargaretholland asked "Everybody is gonna look soooo dumb when Mr. Gold moves to San Francisco."




                      too late!!!!!! haha hA dumbos 

                      Isn’t he just the San Francisco treat

                      i’m personally from san francisco so i took him on a tour of the city he loved it


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                          Treat her well,

                                                  buy her flowers,                                 

                          clean the dishes,

                                                          a n d  g i v e  h e r  a  l o t  o f  l i t t l e  h u g s

                            marymargaretholland asked "Everybody is gonna look soooo dumb when Mr. Gold moves to San Francisco."


                            too late!!!!!! haha hA dumbos 

                              what if you woke up tomorrow and discovered you had turned into your tumblr icon

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