So glad he saw and answered this :) [x]


I just can’t get over the way he’s looking at her. Their chemistry is so perfect.

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…make out with Rumple, omg.


A Hero’s Journey

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Heir to the demon.

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you must know, i want the same world as you do, the better one. and the only way to build it is  t o g e t h e r.  we do greater things when we act as one, when we trust each other as  e q u a l s.

this is not a coronation for a king. it is for a  k i n g  and  q u e e n

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People's Choice Awards


Voting for nominees starts today at 12:00 EST. (I’ll be at work.) Let’s try to get #CaptainSwan nominated again!
(And win this time.)

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At some point they will stop giving us a warning that there’s a kiss coming up, and before we know it they will bang and none of us is prepared.

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Killian Jones in Once Upon A Time 4.04: “The Apprentice”

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she seems h a p p y 

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ONCE UPON A TIME once again No. 1 b’cast drama on Sunday among adults under 50, with a 2.7 rating. That’s +29% vs a year ago, ABC notes. (x)

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